A wet wedding day

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Happy Hump Day,

These Hump shots are of newlyweds in a tide pool at the Old Kona Airport.
The first lesson a Hawaiian teaches you is to never turn your back on a wave.
As an experienced wave shooter, I took caution and instructed our best man to be our safety guy and watch for a big one. I was shooting from slippery lava with a Canon 1DX to my face with another hanging off my shoulder with a long zoom.
Well our Samsung packing “wave watcher”, decided to be a photographer too, Woops! Splash… I got soaked, including the Canon 1DX & a 200mm2.8L lens worth $10,000. I rushed the camera & lens home to waiting rice bags.
Four days later everyone is dry and working fine. Thank you Canon and Diamond Rice Company for your excellent products!

Hope you enjoyed our Hump Day tale.


The Baldwins

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