Ultra Hump Day

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Dawn is beautiful and sunset hurts.
It’s a team “thing” this UltraMan, yes there is an athlete, well trained in the art of swimming 6.2 miles bay to bay then pedaling 261.4 miles and running 2 marathons back to back, all in 3 – 12 hour days.
Tough as the “Ultra” are, they can’t do it without the support of a dedicated crew and it wouldn’t be any fun with out them.
Someone has to tell them what’s ahead……..more of the Big Islands spectacular curves, gulches and hills hills hills and oh ya, 1/2 the island is in non stop showers, no not rain showers.
The Ultraman, which also includes many successful Ultrawomen, is a community like no other; a special one.
Hawaiiphotoman was so humbled to be asked to be a part of it this year.
The bottom image by Photographer Michael Darden says it all.

Aloha Hump Day
The Baldwins© Hawaiiphotoman ultraman -0005

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