Trumps Honolulu Hump – Throwback Hump Day





I was rushing back home from Honolulu, so I could walk Elvis before dark, a ritual I live for. Airport Security was everywhere, wow they moved us through fast “Wiki Wiki style” (quick quick) fast. I’ve never seen this before in Hawaii. As I put my belt and slippers (flip flops) in the bin, my nose was alerted to the unmistaken aroma of McDonald’s Special Sauce, “My once a year indulgence” and it’s right by the security gate.
WHAT? you closed, why? Who closes an Airport McDonald’s at high noon? I watched as plenty Mac staff were walking around, but still closed. Now I’m hungry and ticked off in my seat, the Captain screeches on a broken microphone saying blah blah, “delayed due to traffic”. Traffic? In Honolulu? Believe me this never happens here.
True I’ve read a few Clive Cussler books, watched Air Force One ten times and all the Mission Impossible movies too. So, when the real Air Force One goes flying past Hawaiian Air’s 19b’s window with three black OP SUV’s tailing in high speed pursuit, my mind flies into action. The captain screeches at us that The President has just landed, and we will have to wait.
Immediately I realize I’m in a small space with mixed opinions about our President. Amazing how much some love him, others not so much. “Oh My Donald”  behind me “not him”, next to me,  “we have to wait for this?” from across the aisle. So why is the President landing in Honolulu and not going to the Hickam Air Force Base with tons of military security a mile away?
My fellow passengers speculated why he was in Hawai’i which fired up my super spy mind. Korea summit, refueling, golf, touring Kilauea’s volcanic glory ? buying a couple resorts?  What could be happening? Would the bad guys attack here?  Should I be on alert and ready for action? It was hot in the cabin with lots of whispering, not a word from the pilot. Are we sitting ducks?
Then as quick as he came, Air Force One took off past 19b’s window. I swear I smelled fries.

Aloha Happy Hump Day!




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