Roasted Hump Day

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  It’s coffee time again in Kona, big red cherries weighing down the branches waiting to be picked and hauled off to mills for Dark or Medium roasting. Pickers arrive with the light of dawn, ready to take on acres of red cherries. Clouds of cold rain, hot, spiders, fruit flies, ants and a thousand thirsty mosquitoes all in the same long day.
Sugarcane and pineapple farming are long gone, coffee is one of the only agricultural products left to provide labor for the farm workers. Mac nuts, papaya and avocado make up the rest but coffee is the king with three picks a year. We Kona folks are quite proud of our handpicked sun-dried 100 % Kona Coffee.
Please always ask for 100% Kona Coffee, yes there is a big difference, it tastes 100% better and is 100% better for the Kona people. Kona coffee Blends usually contain less than 10% of Real Kona beans, the rest is scrap left over from South America and Mexico.
The Old-timers (Kapuna) say it’s a mix of volcanic soil, the pure water and the best weather on the planet that creates the quality of this 100% American made product.
We contacted the White House to see what brand of coffee they serve to guest and staff. Seems to me it should be mandatory. Still waiting.
Happy Hump Day!



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