Easter Hump

beach at the auberge Mauna Lani
easyer bunny mauna lani bay hotel-1.jpg
Auberge Mauna Lani Bay HotelHawaii

Who knew the old saying “never let them see you sweat” was written by a man in a rabbit suit? 
  The sun was streaming into the atrium at the gorgeous Mauna Lani Bay Hotel providing prefect lighting for our annual Easter portraits. We had tons of kids waiting to pose with a big white fluffy 6′ 1″ Bunny.
One little girl was noticeably uncomfortable with the big rabbit so I thought “go ahead Kawika show her you are really a boy inside”. Big Big mistake. He then unscrews his head, revealing his soaked hair and face, causing a wave of unimaginable high-pitched screams from the under 5 crowd. One screamed, then another and another, the deafening sound sent shock waves up and down all 6 floors. Who knew “Keep your head on straight” was from the Easter Bunny.
 Another professional photographer’s lesson.

Happy Easter Hump Day!

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